How Many Units of the Xbox One Was Actually Sold?


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It appears that the Xbox one has sold at least 5 million units since its launch last year in November. Since it sold 3 million units last year, this means they sold 2 million this year so far. There is a lot of controversy regarding how many units were actually sold. In April, Microsoft announced that it had sold 5 million units. However this number only indicates common units were sold to retail stores, so not all of them were guaranteed to be sold to consumers.

You would think that they were trying to inflate the numbers when Microsoft stated that “5 million Xbox one universe have created more than 500 million clips” in an Xbox Wire post. But this could mean a number of things. First it sounds like 500 million units were sold, although the number could be inflated due to multiple people using uploads from one console. On the other hand, maybe not everyone used the upload feature, so it could balance each other out.

I must admit Microsoft is the underdog in this generations’ console wars. Phil Spencer, the Xbox boss, also admitted that they were behind against Sony’s PlayStation 4, which had sold over 10 million units worldwide since their launch in August last year. However, he said that this was only the beginning.

Right now the PlayStation 4 is in the way more markets than any other console system. Who knows, maybe the Xbox One will be able to compete with the other giants once Microsoft launches their consoles in China. Microsoft is preparing to get into 29 other markets in September.

Playing for Keeps on League in Legends


league of legends gameplay

League of Legends (LoL) is one of the most intense multi player combat game experiences that are considered to be the top of the line in online gaming. Not only does the game engine and game play design excel, but the fact that it is one of the most popular online games – with an average of 27 million users logging in a day means that there are always interesting challenges to find. There is a lot to do there, and a lot of ways that you can get even more out of the game by learning how to picks champions.

Even if you have played LoL for a while it is important not to forget to check the updates and blogs to find out about releases, patches and changes. Some of the mapping systems work to reveal hidden levels or have multiple levels of solution. You may need to build yourself up enough to go back down several maps to solve it again, but in a different way, to get even more out of the world.

Building Up Your Champion

The first thing you do, after you have completed the tutorial level, is to begin building up your champion. There are several ways that you can do this, the slow and sure way is to just show up and log on. The longer you spend online the more gold you will accrue, not a large amount but enough to allow you to begin buying and trading to outfit your champion to increase your skill and power levels. You can also engage in a variety of different combat forms, each of which can either wipe out your character – or get you faster gains if you succeed.

Tournament Play

Tournament play is hugely popular. It is a moderated combat lane with a set of criteria for declaring winners of the tournament. You can enter as pairs, teams or an individual. The tournaments are staged throughout the real time year to allow you to build up your champions to stand a better chance of advancing. You can always set your stats to pull your champion out so you can preserve your gains too.

League Play

League play is structured much like the fantasy sport games. You can bid on players and build your team and then compete against others through points and scores to declare an overall winner. If a league doesn’t fill, the players are given an opportunity to roll over into another championship league. You can also host multiple champions in different league competitions.

Independent Challenges

The most popular of all the combat forms remains the individual challenge. This can occur in one of two ways. Either you can roam your lanes and engage in battle against AI or other players, or you can schedule challenge matches against another player. These independent challenges do not have to be played to the death so you can preserve your main champion and return to fight another day.

World of Tanks Features: Team Building



World of Tanks is a very advanced immersive environment that allows for multi-player tank battles. Individual players can customize their tanks, earn features through stats, kills and time ranks; or access the freemium features through buying them directly. If you are a team leader, this can cause some problems in the field. This is why one of the best free features to use with World of Tanks is the Team Building option. With this option you can train your team in a neutral environment before launching out into real time battle.

Team Building

Team Building is a feature that was released alongside the Team Play option with version 8.9 that has people talking. While Team Play is still more automatically set with match making, Team Building is something that you can do with your self-selected team, or a generated one. It gives you the opportunity to learn to work together as a team before you launch yourself out and into battle.

How to Train

One you are registered as a team you can open up a Team Building map and then invite in the team members. This is considered a “neutral area” in which the battle points and stats hits don’t count against your actual in game status. In many ways it is like being in a practice arena. You can even access freemium features that will let you control and dictate the type of problems that you can encounter.

What Advantage Does it Really Give you?

There are the obvious advantages of being able to learn to work together as a team before getting into a situation where you are truly relying on each other, but there is another advantage that many people don’t think about taking advantage of at all. Since nothing counts in the Team Building area, you can split your team into offensive and defensive and practice recreating scenarios that caused your demise in real time. This is what real world combat soldiers do as part of their training and it pays to take a page from their book.

Using Advanced Features

There is a lot of discussion about which advanced features can be used in the team competition areas of World of Tanks. While just about everyone is in agreement that the general “earned” features and customizations should be offered, very few people are supporting the freemium featured player in open tournament. That is another advantage to using the matchmaking system that World of Tanks provides.

By using an algorithm to select the teams and the conflicts, there is less a chance of a total free-play team encountering a jacked up freemium group and getting taken out unfairly. On the flip side, no freemium invested team is going to want to be wasting even a single hit in combat against a team that is doesn’t stand a chance against them at all. The Team Building area can be a good way to hone which of the features and weapons you will use so you can also build alternate tanks to open up greater possible matching.